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Mason, Michigan  48854
Established 1992
As of May 30, 2014 we have closed the doors for good as Done-Right
Auto and RV, Inc. It is very sad for me to announce this. Over the years I
have met some people I will never forget. As sickness moves in on all of
my experienced help, and myself, replacing them with even a portion of
their expertise seems impossible anymore. Inexperienced guesswork
type technicians are all that seems to be out there. The guys that are
good, for the most part are aging and being paid very well where they are
at. I will let you in on a little secret as you look for new places to repair
your vehicles. The guys that are good, that REALLY know how to fix your
car, they do not work at places that brag about how cheap they are. The
guys that are good deserve to be paid and they want quality parts for the
repairs they make. That does not add up to a cheap repair. But it's in one
time and fixed for the long term. Those of you that still seek and long
lasting quality repair know what I'm talking about.

It will take me approximately 3 months to clear from this building, which
has been sold, and set up at my house. I will be doing what I can knowing
that my back is still in trouble. I will likely be doing cars and LIGHT trucks
by appointment only. I also will be doing trailer chassis repair including
bearing packs and brakes and suspension. Lighting problems. Sorry I
wont be able to do the monster 5th wheels. The number for a while will
just have a recording. I will try to update it as progress is made. If a
quality repair is something you desire, then that is just what you will get!
And at a reduced price due to reduced overhead! Save the number and
check in. I will let you know if I can make your repair. I will try to answer
all messages as timely as possible. I may take a day or two to return your
call and it may come in the evening.
Thank you all so much and I hope to see some of you again real soon!


Things are moving along. The building on Kipp Road is empty and
the new owner has possession. The auction went well and
everything up for sale sold. Which was mainly equipment for heavy
vehicles and things that I had several of. The new shop is coming
around. Still pretty messy as the walls are being insulated and
covered for warmth. Remember last winter? Yuck!!! The alignment
rack will likely be the last piece of equipment to be set back up.
Hopefully the insulating will be done over the next couple weeks.
As walls are finished equipment is being set up in front of it.
 I have been doing some repair work so if something comes up for
you give me a call. The phone is the same. If I don't answer I will do
my best to return it the same day. Same days are very long and
exhausting and I find myself falling asleep as soon as I sit down.
My back still is painful and hurts more as the day goes on. It does
seem to be less painful as time goes on. I think it's because I may
be building back a few muscles from manual labor again! I do feel a
renewed sense of happiness for the new shop. It's the feeling I had
when I first started. I'm real happy with the way the shop is taking
shape and for the services I will be able to perform. Again if you
have a repair that is needed give me a call and I will do my best to
get you going again!